XReading at Seminary

St. Yohanes Berkhmans Todabelu Mataloko
English Corner – Book Corner 

I have long dreamt of introducing XReading to the students of the Seminary as a good platform for extensive reading.

Since the meeting with Paul Goldberg in Bali last month I have been convinced that I have to introduce XReading to Seminary.

Then, on the 25th of August 2023, 34 students started to subscribe to XReading. “It’s a good start.” Paul wrote in an email. 

A day later, the number increased to 72, then 97. The number increases almost every day.

Today, it reaches over 300 subscribers. “I am starting to wonder if you will soon have everyone in Indonesia signed up for XReading”, Paul wrote jokingly.

Interestingly, teachers also begin to subscribe: Pak Alfons Kolo, the Coordinating Supervisor of Ngada, and Fr. Alex Dae who has long taught Indonesian in the Seminary.

When looking at the students’ progress, I feel like they really make my day. Almost all have jumped into XReading. Some even reach far beyond the target.

I really hope students enjoy reading and become avid readers.

I wish to see how the habit of reading today affects their future. Only God knows. Praise be to God!

I also have so far tried to introduce extensive reading to my fellow teachers as well as students from other schools. 

The 2nd of September was another day for me talking about extensive reading, especially to English teachers of Ngada.

The week later, I was invited to share the benefits and the implementation of extensive reading for a group of principals.

And when Flores-Lembata English Teachers Association (FLORETA) ran a 3-day workshop at the beginning of October, I shared the benefit of extensive reading.

Since then, over 40 English teachers across Flores have been subscribing to Xreading. This is amazing!

I believe in the future, more will certainly taste the joy of reading through Xreading.

Paul Goldberg thank you. Can’t wait to meet you someday, in Flores.

(Nani Songkares)