Unique Books from Atama-ii

St. Yohanes Berkhmans Todabelu Mataloko
English Corner – Book Corner

Books from Atama-ii publishers are extremely unique. You, the reader, become an active part of the story. How come?

You are one of the characters of the story who have the same starting point at the beginning. However, somewhere in the middle, you may choose your path, and end up differently, even shockingly, good or bad.

For instance, there is a story of a famous metal band named The Martians. You really want to watch their performance.

But when the story goes through, you may choose to watch or jam the band.

You may choose to follow your friend Julie to the backstage door to meet your star, Hugo, or to still stay on the floor, enjoying the music.

You may choose to help Julie who is caught by a bodyguard or to ignore her.

Each choice has a different path and ending. You create your own story, your adventure. You are a reader and a writer as well. You are responsible for your own story.

Life is a big story, and it’s rich in imagination, right? And, you’re the one who writes your life!

Wow! How fantastic and imaginative!

The last book of this kind that I read is The Lost Cup, written by James Broadbridge.

My role in this book is a detective. I have to find the Jules Rimet Cup, the World Cup for soccer, which has disappeared since 1983. A thief stole it.

The story may end up in different ways, either a happy ending or a tragic one. Since this is your story, you are free to choose the course of the story and the ending.

Why should I write my comments on these kinds of books?

To express my gratitude to XReading, a very interesting and beneficial digital library for the learning of English.

With Paul Goldberg, the founder and the President of XReading during the World Congress of Extensive Reading in Bali

One of the major principles of the Second Language Acquisition (SLA) is the role of input.

Input is like fuel for a car, without which you cannot drive. But input alone is not enough.

There should be something that the learner takes for him/herself, which is called intake. There can be a massive input, but if there is nothing that somebody takes, input becomes meaningless.

Therefore, input should be comprehensible and compelling.

XReading meets these principles! 

Wow! How wonderful!

(Nani Songkares)