It’s Good To Be Good

St. Yohanes Berkhmans Todabelu Mataloko
English Corner – Book Corner

The book entitled Big Hair Day tells about a girl named Sophia Reynolds, who wants to become an ‘extra’ in a film starring Fabio Facelli, a well-known artist.

On her way, she gets into many troubles and she has to go to the police station. At the police station, she meets a young policeman with beautiful eyes, named George, whom she calls Mr. Sit Down.

She finally meets Fabio Facelli, and she finds out that Fabio is only wonderful as an actor. He is not that wonderful, that kind-hearted in real life.

The one who is really kind-hearted is George, the policeman.

I’m interested in Sophia. She is always willing to help others, even though she gets into trouble herself. She helps an old lady, who then takes her bag. She helps a boy who misses his mom. She helps two people fighting on the street.

In order to help, she stops thinking about herself, her needs, her plans, and her business for a while, and focuses on the ones who need her hand.

And, “What goes around comes around”. At the end of the story, she meets a kind policeman, who becomes her boyfriend: George!

It’s good to learn from Sophia. Direct your attention to someone in need, and forget about yourself for a while. It’s good to be good! (Nani Songkares)