T Rex: Hunter, or Scavenger?

St. Yohanes Berkhmans Todabelu Mataloko
English Corner – Book Corner

This book was written by Dr. Thomas R. Holtz, Jr, and published by Step Into Reading.

The book tells about the biggest dinosaur that lived 66 million years ago named Tyrannosaurus Rex, or T Rex for short.

There were two kinds of carnivore dinosaurs: a hunter or a scavenger. A hunter means the dinosaur kills its prey in order to get food. A scavenger means it doesn’t kill but eats the carrion.

It seems that T Rex belonged to the scavenger. But a close observation based on data tells that T Rex could actually be a hunter or a scavenger.

This book invites us to be rational in deciding something. You cannot base your statement on the feeling. You have to know the facts, you have to collect data.

With enough data, your decision will be accountable and strong.

So, the reality is our master! (Nani Songkares)